Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First Transformation Ministries Conference to Begin Thursday in Alhambra, California

Under the theme, "Extreme Makeover: Church Edition", the first conference of Transformation Ministries will begin Thursday, October 19 at the First Baptist Church of Alhambra, California.

[Readers of DD may need to be reminded that FBC Alhambra is Dennis ("His Barking Dog") McFadden's home church. His wife, Jeanette, is Children's pastor there. My friend and traveling companion to Israel, Dr. Lee Hamby is Senior Pastor. FBC Alhambra is literally across the street from Atherton Baptist Homes and is a grand total of five miles from where I type.]

Readers can check out more on the conference on the new website. The conference, in many ways, is no great departure from the PSW conferences in the past. For example ABFMS* missionaries Mike and Lori Mann will be featured.

I will try to report each evening after the conference (I get to sleep at home!) and will especially report on the Saturday business session (see relevant info here.)

*American Baptist Foreign Missions Society. DD does not use the Board of International Ministries nomenclature, nor refer to these as "American Baptist missionaries."


Dennis E. McFadden said...

Thanks for the plug, Glenn. Remember to update the photo now that we have our cool new pews/chairs and carpeting!

art jaggard said...

Howdy Glenn,
Thanks for the update. Our prayers are with you! May the kingdom increase and may Jesus Christ shine so brightly that even the nay sayers take notice!