Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Whitewash, In the Classic Sense

Beware of taking press releases too seriously. (Joe Biden takes his seriously--see my point?) Glowing press releases can be whitewash in the classic sense: some paint slopped on rotting wood to hide the decay. The PR whitewash emerging from recent ABC meetings are a case in point (as well as what's his name, Sadaam's last press spokesman). Over at His Barking Dog, Dennis the Dog McFadden has dug up some interesting bones:

Today [June 27] the upper management of the ABC, known as the General Executive Council (GEC) gathered for their normal sessions following the General Board meetings of the last five days. What did they accomplish? Early reports are sketchy, but here are a couple of bullets worth thinking about (drawn from both the GB and GEC) that you probably will not read in the American Baptist News Service . . .

* The General Board heard a report from the Budget Review Officer, Lloyd Hamblin, who gave them a very dark picture of the finances of the ABC. After receiving the report, the body moved on to the next agenda item as if they had just heard news of a room change for the next session. One participant commented that either the level of denial was too seductive or they just do not care any longer. (I vote for denial. My experience is that most GB and GEC members care passionately about the ABC).

* The GEC members spent a good bit of their time discussing the various alternatives for restructuring of the denomination. With the assistance of consultant Trisha, a list was constructed with all of the advantages and disadvantages of the varying proposals. Again, you will probably find leaders who speak positively of the experience. However, one member of the GEC told me: "Nothing was accomplished of any substance other than there are more of the execs beginning to think that structure will not fix anything. Some are losing any hope of a magic fix that will save the ABC, more and more talk about how to separate peacefully." Doubtless there will be more information flowing from the meetings in the coming days. These are early reports which are based upon a very partial sampling of those in attendance.

Nice work, Dennis...

VF leaders are trying to picture the post-PSW ABC as having reached a level a stability. Don't believe it for a second. We have a Hindenburg coming down. Major ABC churches are bailing--all so the theo-left leaders can defend a gaggle of false teachers.

Valley Forge delenda est!

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