Monday, May 15, 2006

Green Lake "Goes Missional"--Sees a Future Well Beyond the ABC

The times, they are a-changin' we see the new direction Green Lake is going. Line this up with the ABC of the West becoming Growing Healthy Churches. Anyone see a post-denominational pattern here? The PSW ("Transformation Ministries") declaration of independance is only a small part of the pattern.

ABCUSA: Green Lake Conference Center Creates Site Development Master Plan

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GREEN LAKE, WI (ABNS)-The Board of Directors of the Green Lake Conference Center (GLCC), during their May, 2006 meeting, took historic steps toward insuring vital ministry into the next century.

Recognizing the Christian church in America is in the midst of significant transition, the Board of Directors approved a site development master plan that will generate funding for Project Kingdom21-Securing Ministry for the 21st Century. Kingdom21 will create funding to provide for GLCC's Center for Christian Leadership Development. This Center is committed to being on the cutting edge of emerging trends in pastoral and lay leadership training. GLCC is committed to partnering with congregations as they seek to be vital, vibrant, healthy missional churches engaging their communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ in the new millennium.

Project Kingdom21 includes funding for several new initiatives already identified such as programs to strengthen families as well as providing flexibility for funding God-inspired initiatives yet to be revealed. While it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict emerging trends over the next 25 years, the Board is committed to a plan providing the ability to be relevant in adjusting to emerging opportunities in pastoral and lay leadership development.

While GLCC has historic ties to the American Baptist Family, these initiatives will not only be directed to American Baptist churches but also to the wider Christian church regardless of denominational affiliation. GLCC Board Chair the Reverend Dr. Michael Williams, who also serves as the Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Michigan, states, "Our passion and purpose is to do our part in building the Kingdom of God. We want to do whatever it takes to partner with existing churches in order to help them maximize their God-inspired Kingdom potential. We also want to assist in assessing and equipping church planters for new church planting across the US."

The site development master plan, as currently envisioned, includes two possible single family unit communities to be developed on the GLCC grounds. Teska Associates of Evanston, Illinois, has worked closely with the Board of Directors in the development of the Master Plan. The Teska plan includes land that is not being utilized and is not a part of the core conference area. Next steps include inviting proposals from developers willing to comply with the conceptual plan and work with appropriate governmental units to protect the unique environment of GLCC. The selection of a developer could take place during the GLCC Board of Directors meeting scheduled in December.

"This is one of those historic moments that will be looked upon as a significant turning point in the future ministry opportunities of GLCC," states GLCC President Kenneth P. Giacoletto. He further states, "We look forward with great anticipation to what God will continue to reveal to us in the coming years. We want to be faithful to God's leading in this moment as well as in the days and years ahead."

Andrew C. Jayne American Baptist Churches, USA Mission Resource Development

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I was at GLCC the last week in April for a training conference. In a facinating conversation I had with a GLCC staffer, she was insistent that they were no longer tied to ABCUSA but were an independent agency reaching out to all churches and Christian groups.