Tuesday, April 18, 2006

West Virginia to Keep the Pressure on Valley Forge

The WV Baptist Convention is "not happy" with Valley Forge, and the intent to keep the pressure on is reflected in this email sent by exec David Carrico to the WVBC community:

April 18, 2006

Friends in Christ,

As Christians we celebrated one of our grandest Sundays in the year - Resurrection Sunday!! Every Lord’s Day is great, but Easter is grand. What a day of witness and proclamation.

Last week I returned from the GEC meeting in Valley Forge and there is an attachment explaining that meeting in a press release format. The second attachment is titled “A Vision for the Future of the ABCUSA National Shared Table.” Both of these attachments are for your information.

There is great promise surrounding the June General Board meeting. I believe at this June meeting a more firm date-line will emerge for change. Along with a discussion about the concept of the “Shared Table,” the WVBC will seek a General Board Resolution to Parts II and III of the Indiana/Kentucky petition. This action will keep covenant with those churches signing and supporting the Indiana/Kentucky petition.

Your continuing support of the WVBC allows us to provide Godly change and healing in a time of brokenness in our national family.


David Carrico
Executive Minister
West Virginia Baptist Convention

At VF, they must be asking, "What is it with guys with Italian names--other than Campolo--that makes them drive us crazy?"

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