Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jesuit Spy Keeps an Eye on Things in Massachusetts

Rev. John Mazarella (here pictured in Argentina last May), who describes himself as "One of the Baptist Remnant in Red State Babylon," in Westborough, MA is the "Jesuit Spy" behind The Dead Theologians Club. "I blog about once or twice a week on whatever strikes my fancy," he writes. For example, right now his home page discusses the passing of Don Knotts. He explains his odd name this way:

Take some Episcopal church, a quantity of Roman Catholic, a bit of Salvation Army, 4 years with the Jesuits, marinated with the Holy Spirit, sloshed in a whole bunch of Baptists and what do you get? Me - A Paleo-Orthodox, Theological Dinosaur. So why is my screen name "Jesuit Spy"? Its an old conspiratiorial joke from an old friend of mine who used to tease me about my "questionable" Heinz 57 ecclessiastical background.

Be sure to say "cheese" (his church's kids have nicknamed him "Rev Cheese") and have a look at John's blog.


jesuit spy said...

did I say red state?

I meant bluse state!

jesuit spy said...

make that BLUE!