Friday, December 02, 2005

One Way?

Multiple choice quiz: the big issue in the 21st century religious scene will be:

a) legalism
b) morality
c) salvation by faith
d) the uniqueness of Jesus

The answer (despite current denominational woes) is the uniqueness of Jesus, or to put it older terms, universalism vs. the exclusivity of the claims of Jesus, and by extenstion, of the Christian faith. This faith is, as one American Buddhist put it onery about its uniqueness. And we are not talking about a uniqueness of degree (better than the others) but unique in essence--distinct and different. Jesus refuses to one in a pantheon, along with Buddha, Moses, Zarathrusta, Muhammad and Baha'ulla. He is Alpha, and Omega--a jealous God who brokers none other.

I want to commend an excellent website that addresses this issue in a way that speaks to students. Check it out:

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