Friday, February 18, 2005

From the New York Daily Post, 2/18/05:

The Briefing

Friends no more? I hope Sen. Hillary Clinton isn't counting on help from Hollywood mogul David Geffen in her possible run for the White House in 2008. Geffen, a generous supporter and pal of Bill Clinton when he was President, trashed Hillary's prospects last night during a Q&A at the 92nd St. Y. "She can't win, and she's an incredibly polarizing figure," the billionaire Democrat told his audience. "And ambition is just not a good enough reason." Geffen's dis was met with hearty applause.

Geffen is half right. HRC is polarizing, she can't possibly win, but she will be the Dem nominee.

On the GOP side for 2008--keep an eye on two governors: Mit Romney of MA and Bill Owens of CO. Mit apparently is the Bush fav if Jeb does not run. Owens is a very popular western gov. Both are smart as they get. Mit's run would upset the electoral apple cart by a strong Northeast/New England appeal. (I doubt he would carry MA, but NH & ME would definately be in play. PA, NJ would also be in play, with PA almost certainly going GOP).

Owens would be strong in trad GOP areas, and would have appeal in WI, MN, OR as well.

Religion plays a factor here. Mit is Mormon; Owens is Catholic. Both are devout.

Ques: would Mit's Mormonism be a negative for the critical evangelical vote. Afraid so; but the degree is hard to gague. Much more so than Owen's Catholicism.

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mike hertz said...

Sorry to disagree with you Pastor, but I think she can win. Here's me prediction (you read it hear first folks)...Sen. McCain jumps ship teams with Hill, beats Rice-Cheney by a nose. call me crazy