Monday, February 23, 2004

Is this man getting sanity lessons from Howard Dean, or what?
Kerry Accuses GOP of Attacking Patriotism

By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Democratic front-runner John Kerry said Monday that he considers Republican criticism of his voting record on defense and national security an attack on his patriotism because "that's the game they play."

The four-term Massachusetts senator and decorated Vietnam War veteran argued that Bush's re-election campaign is trying to portray him as weak on defense by citing specific votes. But Kerry, who argued that he has voted for the largest defense and intelligence budgets in U.S. history, said he will not allow questions to be raised about his commitment to defense by Republicans "who never fought in a war."

[What an arrogant liar!]

"They're somehow stronger on defense because they embrace every (weapons) system that was ever proposed," Kerry said. "That's not the measure of whether you're strong on defense."

The Bush-Cheney campaign says it is not questioning Kerry's patriotism or military service but rather his 19-year voting record in the Senate on military issues.

"Every time we have brought to light his voting record, he has responded by saying we have attacked his patriotism," said Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot in a conference call with reporters. "We have praised repeatedly his patriotism."

Asked for examples of Bush attacking his service in Vietnam, Kerry cited published reports that the campaign plans to question his outspoken opposition to the war after he returned.

"That reflects on the service," Kerry said. "That is a reflection on me and what I chose to do."

[Yes, that's the problem]

Kerry won numerous medals for bravery and injury during the Vietnam War and has challenged Bush to a debate on their experiences during the era and the impact on their presidential vision. Bush served in the National Guard during the war and received an honorable discharge, but he's faced questions about whether he always showed up for duty.

Kerry was introduced at a rally in Harlem Monday by Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., a fellow veteran who said Bush "parades around like he is a war veteran."

"When someone parades around campaigning like he is a war president, it's time for the Democratic Party to get a warrior," Rangel said.

Kerry and his supporters are eager to engage the president in a debate that would highlight his experience in the war and has accused Bush of attacking his service.

[Kerry is showing his weakness here, as well as his arrogance. He thinks he's already the nominee. I get the feeling Kerry thinks he's NEVER made a mistake, and that hubris will slay him. W will wisely ignore him.]

Bush is stepping up his campaign in preparation for a match against Kerry. Racicot said although there are mathematical possibilities of someone else winning the Democratic nomination, Kerry appears to be headed toward the nomination.

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