Saturday, November 29, 2003

The media hounds are after President Bush for having the termerity to sacrifice his own holiday and go to Baghdad. One yapper even said, "He should have stayed longer and talked to all the elements in Iraq." All the elements? Including Saddamists?

The reality is that W's visit was a genuine thing for this man to do. Did you see the tape? Did you see his eyes well up when the troops gave him a second standing O?

Face it: this is is really honored to be President. He makes decisions based on priniciple. I know that that Dash-it-all Howard the Duck Dean wing of the Democrat party are still looking for Cardboard Clinton as President, but that trivial man for trivial times is history. Face it, the Adults are running the show. And this adult is a real man.

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Jesse Joyner said...

Pastor Layne,

I found your name on the internet in search for Pastor Jim Hay (former senior pastor at First Baptist in Manchester-By-The-Sea, Massachusetts). Someone by the name of Glenn Layne (which may or may not be you) wrote a devotional that had an anecdote about him. I used to attend that church when I was younger back in the early 80's. At the time, my father was a student at Gordon-Conwell (Russell Joyner). Anyway, I am looking for Jim Hay's whereabouts and figured you might be able to help. All I need is an e-mail address or phone number. Thanks a bunch.

Jesse Joyner